El Mostafa was founded in 2004 and has stood for excellence and vision in the field of plastics manufacturing ever since. With the highest reliability, we help our customers to provide their need even if it customized for their specific use case and their demands. we developed plastic dyes that are offered to you either as a ready to-use raw material or as a concentration that you may use to color by yourself. Even after years of inactivity, we can accurately recreate dye formulations that were previously utilized with color accuracy. On the other hand, we specialize in modifying the characteristics and functionalities of plastics based on their specific use case. Here, too, we offer our products as completed raw material or as a concentrate, in amounts ranging from the first few tones to several tones

We are specialized in producing Masterbatch (MB) based on PE, PP , PS , ABS , PC , TPU , EVA , PMMA  with wide ranges of colors degress (white and other colors) according to modern scientific techniques and world standards .

 Our MB gives the final products the appropriate color with high quality , enhanced appearance , and optimal dispersion .

We also produce Additives MB for varius uses and fields.

Our products are used in different plastic production techniques (Extrusion – Injection – Blowing – Film – Calendaring ..... etc.)

We produce fluorescent, pearl, silver, and golden colors

Our laboratory is equipped with high standard apparatus to develop new products and monitor our quality standards such as:
1- Excellent appearance and optimal dispersion .
2- Non bleeding , Non blooming
3- Resistant to migration .
4- Heat Resistant (up to 300C).
5- No hazardous substances.
6- Heavy metal free.